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A Guide to Laser Hair Removal: Benefits, Cost and Side Effects


Laser hair removal is a treatment for disposing off undesirable hair on the body. It includes utilizing a concentrated light emission (laser light) to destroy hair follicles.

The laser light is aimed at hair follicles—little sacs in the skin where hair develops from—whose pigments retain the light. The light intensity is converted into heat, which at that point decimates or if nothing else harms the hair follicles. After laser removal treatments, the hair doesn’t develop back for a significant amount of time, on account of the harm that has been done to the follicles. Since the laser rays work by focusing on the shading (melanin) on the hair follicles, laser hair removal works best on light complexions with dark hair.


You’ll presumably require numerous sessions of laser hair removal, normally three to seven before you can expect semi-permanent or permanent outcomes. On the off chance that the outcomes aren’t permanent and the hair regrows, it’ll likely be significantly less than it was previously.

Lasers can be utilized to expel hair from most body parts, and regular territories like for the back, legs, arms, chest, face, and two-piece zone.


An Overview of Hair Removal Methods


Advantages and Types

Laser hair removal has numerous advantages, particularly when contrasted with different strategies for hair removal:

Laser hair removal is quick, in spite of the fact that the time it takes depends for the most part on the measure of the region being focused on. For instance, it’ll unquestionably take more time to expel hair from your back than from your upper lip.

The outcomes last for quite a while. Not at all like other, regular types of hair removal like shaving and waxing where it takes days or weeks before the hair develops back. Hair viably expelled by laser won’t develop back for a while or years. On the off chance that it grows back, the hair is better (less coarse), lighter, and not as noticeable as it was previously. Sometimes, the hair is gone for good and never comes back.


It’s an exceptionally careful technique, given the individual performing it is very much prepared and experienced. The laser beams work with accuracy and can focus on the undesirable hair without harming the skin around it.

Laser hair removal is a sheltered therapeutic methodology as long as it’s performed by a board-affirmed dermatologist or corrective specialist. The significant sorts of lasers utilized for hair removal are:

  • Ruby laser
  • Alexandrite laser
  • Intense pulsed light (technically not a laser but sometimes classified as one)
  • Pulsed diode array


The contrast in shades between the hair follicle and your skin is the thing that enables the laser to choose and focus on the hair roots and follicles. In view of this, particular kinds of lasers will be more secure and progressively fit to you on the off chance that you have a darker skin tone. Therapeutically, the Nd: YAG laser is viewed as the best to use on darker skin tones. Diode lasers are additionally a decent decision. At last, it will be dependent upon your dermatologist to choose which is best for you.


Prior to the Procedure:

There’s some data it’s fitting you discover from your dermatologist before having this treatment done:


  • What number of laser settings you should have done and the amount they will cost.
  • What your dermatologist’s capabilities are and how much experience he/she has with laser hair removal.
  • What reactions you ought to be set up for and if, in view of your medicinal history, you’re especially in danger for certain complications.
  • What kind of laser is being utilized?
  • Some other concerns you may have.


You ought to likewise make a point to unveil any ailments (particularly skin-related) you may have, just as any prescription you might be currently taking or have taken.


Before consenting to perform the procedure for you, your dermatologist will inspect your skin and the zone you need to have hair expelled from to decide the ideal time to have it done, or in the event that it is even the best alternative for you. In the event that you have white, dim, or blonde hair, you may not be a decent contender for laser hair removal due to the absence of enough color in your hair.


The Most Effective Method to Prepare:

In the event that you’ve chosen to have laser hair removal, there are several things you should avoid:


  • Maintain a strategic distance from sunless tanning. This incorporates splash tanning and the utilization of tanning beds.
  • Abstain from tanning under the sun. You ought to dependably secure your skin with sunscreen each and every day.
  • If possible, maintain a strategic distance from sun exposure for at least a month and a half to a month during your sessions.
  • Hold off on other hair removal strategies like threading, waxing, and electrolysis for at least a month prior to your treatments planned date. This is with the goal that the follicles on the region you’ll be utilizing the laser on won’t be disturbed.
  • Your dermatologist may likewise give you further directions to adhere to.


To quantify the achievement or generally of your laser hair removal methodology, you should take “previously” pictures that you can use to contrast and pictures from thereafter.


Amid the Procedure:

Before the method starts, the hair that will be removed will be cut exceptionally low, or your dermatologist may have taught you to shave it the day preceding.

The skin region will be scrubbed and desensitizing gel might be applied, particularly if the regions being focused on are sensitive. In the event that a desensitizing gel is used, you need to hold up 30 minutes to an hour for the effects of the gel to kick in.


You, the dermatologist, and everybody in the room where the procedure is occurring must wear defensive eye gear. The dermatologist will hold the laser to your skin, pull it tight, and start treating it. Depending on the sort of laser being utilized, the dermatologist may utilize a unique cooling specialist or machine on your skin to ensure and lessen the likelihood of you encountering reactions.

Laser hair removal can be awkward, and the sensation you may feel has been depicted as much the same as warm pinpricks or elastic bands being more than once snapped against your skin. Because of how the gadget functions, you may see sulfur-smelling smoke crest.


In the event that the region focused on is a small one, similar to your jaw, for example, you should hope to be done inside a couple of minutes. On the off chance that it’s a bigger zone like your back, you can anticipate that it should take about an hour or more.


After the Procedure:

Your skin will likely be red, swollen, and possibly somewhat agonizing to contact after the treatment is finished. You might be given ice packs and calming creams promptly.

In spite of the redness and swelling, which ought to die down following a couple of days, there’s commonly no downtime after laser hair removal. You can come back to your routine life immediately. You ought to educate your dermatologist in the event that you might have some skin reaction for which a steroid cream might be recommended.


You can hope to get results promptly—your hair will begin to drop out in the next weeks. It’s likewise crucial that you adhere to your dermatologist’s directions on ensuring and dealing with your skin after your laser hair removal.


Symptoms and Risks:

The most widely recognized symptoms of laser hair removal are:

  • Redness of skin
  • Swollen skin
  • Irritated skin
  • Little bumps on the skin


These typically leave following a couple of days. Other rare and uncommon symptoms are:

  • Blisters
  • Skin pigmentation changes- hypopigmentation (lightening of the skin) or hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin).
  • Scarring
  • Hypersensitive response to the desensitizing cream or cooling specialist.
  • Infections


What amount does laser hair removal cost?

The cost differs depending on numerous components including:

  • The expert’s involvement
  • Therapy location
  • size of the treatment territory
  • number of sessions


The cost of one session changes relying upon the area being treated. At Therapie Clinic the expense of full Body (arms, legs, bikini, underarms and naval line) is 115k. The estimate may fluctuate as indicated by the size and gender. Maintenance sessions for previously treated areas will cost less than a fresh procedure being done for the first time.


It’s prudent that you don’t undergo laser hair removal medical procedure in case you’re pregnant or suspect that you might be. Your dermatologist will prescribe that you hold up till after delivery to have it done. This is on the grounds that there’s a shortage of proof on whether the utilization of lasers is alright for fetuses.

There are a few gadgets available for performing laser hair removal at home. To dispose of the hair, these at-home gadgets, for the most part, utilize low-vitality beam light which actually isn’t a laser, however, is fundamentally quite similar. It’s prudent to be extremely cautious with these gadgets—if conceivable, get your dermatologist to investigate it and assess its wellbeing. They ought to never be utilized to remove facial hair. Rather, you should restrain your utilization of them to body parts beneath your neck. Likewise, in the event that they’re not utilized accurately, these at-home laser gadgets can cause burns, blisters, eye damage, and even visual impairment.

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