benefits of anti ageing treatment

Benefits of Anti Ageing Treatment

We’ve all woken up one day and realized that our skin isn’t looking as fresh as it used to. As we grow older, our skin undergoes subtle changes like fine lines and loss of facial volume. All this can be attributed to the breakdown of collagen—the skin’s support network and is most noticeable around areas that have repeated muscle movements. The overlying skin around the eyes, mouth and between the brows are the usual areas that show the first signs of ageing.


When we were younger, our skin cells renewed at a rapid pace. Now, this has started to slow down, leading to a matt and dull appearance as dead cells cling to the surface of the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are some of the contributing factors to making a person look older. As a result, if there was a way of removing them, or at least minimizing their appearance, it stands to reason that a more youthful appearance would be present. If you are in a situation that leaves you wondering if your wrinkles can be treated, there is good news. There are a number of non-invasive anti-ageing treatments that can be employed to give you the skin that you once enjoyed.


So if you want to capture some of your lost youth, head to Therapie Clinic. Here, we have a number of treatments available that aim to minimize the signs of ageing, soften wrinkles and increase collagen production. And the result? Plump skin that’s smooth and more youthful.


Some positive benefits of treating the effects of ageing include:

  • Erasing a bit of ageing can ratchet up your social confidence. You know this instinctively, but scientists have actually tested it: Women in one study who, thanks to sun damage, looked older than they actually were felt somewhat anxious and ill at ease. After rejuvenating skin treatments, those insecurities evaporated.
  • People may treat you differently. Countless studies show that attractive people are more likely to get job offers, promotions, and raises. They’re also assumed to be smarter and more competent. And they may even get better medical care—surveys say that, consciously or not, doctors and shrinks prefer to treat attractive patients!
  • It can have a positive domino effect on your health. When you feel better about how you look, your self-esteem gets a boost, which tends to make you more socially active. I don’t mean dancing on tabletops; you don’t need to suddenly become the star of the party. However, the more social connections you make and the more good relationships you build, the healthier you’ll be, psychologically and physically. And that can be a powerful spark in the drive to do things like eat better and exercise more.

If you’ve ever had an anti-ageing facial, you’ll know that there comes a point, about halfway through your treatment, that you’re lulled into a deep sense of relaxation. At this point, your mind and body seem to drift off into another world all the while your skin reaps the countless benefits of receiving a specialized facial. It’s a win-win really. Anti-ageing treatments are great because they are non-invasive. This means they do not require general anesthesia or lengthy recoveries. With many of these treatments, clients can simply come to our office, receive their treatment and then go right back to work or their normal activities. This simply is not possible with surgical procedures like a facelift.

If you are still in question about the benefits of anti-ageing treatments and would like more details about how they can help you, you should talk to our team at Therapie Clinic. We can review your condition and advise you on the best course of action for you.


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