Why Choose Therapie Clinic

Gauranteed Results

As one of the leaders in Laser Hair Removal, we guarantee results due to our commitment to use only the most advanced technology available in the safest & most hygienic of environments. In just a few sessions, a difference will be noticed and your therapist will monitor your results.

Highly Experienced Laser Therapists

At Therapie, each of our therapists go through an extensive and ongoing training process to ensure that they are updated with the latest developments in the industry.

Your therapist will advise you on all the precautions to be taken prior to your treatment and explain in detail the recommendations for post treatment care to ensure effective results and safety.

We aim for you to have the same therapist throughout the duration of your treatment, so that you don’t have to explain your special requirements every time you visit us.

Affordable Prices

Most people think that laser hair removal is too expensive. But at Therapie clinic, we strive to make it affordable for everyone. We offer a number of different payment plans that work for you. This includes a pay-per-treatment option, along with popular combinations of treatment areas that start at only ₹1500.

Most Advanced Technology

What sets us apart from others is that at Therapie, we only use the most advanced technology available to deliver your results. Medical-grade lasers give superior results, quicker treatment times and most important of all, better safety. Many salons and clinics offer a less effective treatment called IPL, which delivers inferior results and requires more sessions.