The rumours are true… Therapie Clinic arrives in India!

The rumours are true… Therapie Clinic arrives in India!!!

It is with huge delight we announce that Therapie Clinic has just landed in Mumbai!! Yep, you read that right!!

As Europe’s leading laser and skin clinic, this latest branch to open on our side of the map is such an exciting step towards their global expansion goals.. and with 17 clinics in the UK and Ireland already, this puts India firmly in the lead as the new beauty destination!

Tired of waxing or shaving? Look no further.. this beautiful clinic is going to be the latest secret hangout for all of South Bombay in their quest for healthy skin and a smooth body!

Located in the trendy Kala Ghoda area, the clinic is just off Horniman Circle – a very prestigious area housing luxury brands such as Hermes, Christian Louboutin and the largest ever Zara !

“We are delighted to open in India and offer the world’s most advanced laser technology for both men and women, along with a wide range of advanced skin treatments customised to suit Indian skin at affordable prices” said Managing Director, Phillip McGlade.

So.. we were very happy to be invited for a sneak peak visit this week and on our arrival we were greeted by the friendly team who instantly welcomed us with the uplifting scent of their signature lemon and tea tree candles and the offer of cooling refreshments.

The stunning reception area of this heritage building is stocked with the the brand new Skin Theory products.. a cosmeceutical range created in the USA exclusively by Therapie for our Indian skin. The choice of facial peels varies depending on your skin type but are perfect to do pre – party to get that radiant glow or to effectively treat those pesky wrinkles, embarrassing blemishes or patches of pigmentation.

During the thorough consultation we learnt that the expert laser specialists here use the latest medical – grade technology, the limited edition Soprano Ice Platinum.
It is the only device to combine 3 different wave-lengths (Alexandrite/ Diode/ ND Yag) to reduce the unwanted hair from the face and body in a safe, quick and painless treatment for all skin types, including our darker Indian skins.

We also did a patch test to ensure that we were compatible for the treatment and all our worries were quickly dissolved when all that was felt on the skin was mild warmth.. a little bit like a hot stone massage!

Imagine being able to throw away the razor for once and for all, no longer having to withstand nicks and cuts or worry about unshaven legs or underarms?
And don’t even get us started on horrendously strong-smelling depilatory creams or think about our next wince-inducing bikini wax! Ladies and gentlemen, de-fuzzing is needlessly the most uncomfortable and time consuming job we undertake!
Therapie told us that we actually spend on average, three months of our lives getting rid of unwanted hair! How utterly insane!

Therapie Clinic offers unbeatable prices and the added option of pay per treatment which means you can spread out the cost of your course. They recommend a course of 6 treatments but you could start seeing a difference after just 1 session..

“At Therapie Clinic our ethos is very much about delivering a superior service and attention, and most importantly delivering amazing results” said Clinic Manager, Lisa.

With prices starting as little as 1500, what are you waiting for?

We cant wait to get started towards hair free, silky smooth skin for the summer!

Goodbye razor, hello laser!!

Drop in now or call +91 22 22625575 to book your free consultation.

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