skincare in spring

The Spring Beauty Routine You will Ever Need

Come spring it’s so easy to forget your skin needs a little extra TLC. It also can be difficult to find the time to ensure your skin is getting what it needs during the colder months.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve devised this fool-proof guide to avoiding spring skin care mistakes and simple ways to incorporate these changes into your routine.

Layer up your skincare

When temperatures drop, humidity does too, meaning skin loses moisture, becoming irritated and dehydrated. The good news is it’s easy to help! Why not add an extra layer of protection between you and the elements? A hydrating booster like a skin hydrating light moisturiser packed with skin-essential ingredients, and minerals. It works great as a primer, so follow up with a heavy-duty moisturiser for dry skin to complete your routine.

Walking to work? Use a scarf around your cheeks and neck – it’ll keep you cosy and stops cold, dry air from whipping moisture from your skin.

Make time for a face mask

A mask is a great way to moisturise your skin, quickly. Masks usually include skin-loving ingredients and it feels like such a treat to use because the fibres are extra-soft. Why not lie back in your snuggly socks and let your mask do the work for 15 minutes?

Quick tip: don’t wipe away the excess liquid from your sheet mask, massage it into your skin and see how it slurps it up.

Shower power

Whether you love your showers hot or not, this is an important time for your skin, especially when the temperature drops. Be sure to avoid water temperatures that are scalding hot (we know some of you like it that way) as this can dry out the skin and leave you worse off. Also be sure, once you’ve towelled off, to apply a moisture-rich body cream or lotion after you’re done to ensure you’re keeping on top of dry legs and arms.

Avoid foam

Cleansers can be your best friend and your number one enemy during spring. We suggest switching out a foaming cleanser, as they can cause irritation and unnecessarily strip good oils away from your face. Go for a gel or oil cleanser that will take away dirt but also handle your skin with care

Hydrate against heating

Lastly, load up on water during spring- your skin will love you for it! Too cold for ice-cold drinks? Make it warm – a cup of hot water with lemon and ginger tastes delicious.

To help with the dry air in your home from central heating, try a humidifier, or pop a bowl of just-boiled water in the room – the steam will add some moisture to the air, and help keep skin feeling hydrated.

And lips? They’re first to feel the effects of cold (and the central heating!). Pay some extra attention to them when moisturising your face and use a balm through the day to keep them feeling supple.

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