Therapie Clinic Skin range

Therapie Clinic Skin Theory Range

Therapie Clinic Skin Theory: cosmeceutical skincare range is specifically designed to follow the Skin Theory, hence proving that when you give the skin exactly what it needs, a well-balanced skin is achievable. Therapie Clinic has extensively researched skin theory, the scientific principles of how the skin functions. Through this research we determined that skin could actually be balanced and repaired by using treatment products containing natural ingredients that the skin recognizes, in a precise and consistent order, and in conjunction with very specific techniques such as cleansing, daily exfoliating, masking, hydrating and sealing in moisture.

Skin theory Products by Therapie Clinic
Benefiting from the soothing effects of Aloe Vera, the restoring properties of CoQ10 and a collection of natural extracts, these cleansing, and hydrating formulas will help improve your skin’s texture without any harmful parabens or dyes.

Skin Theory products are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, caring for your skin whilst helping to increase elasticity, smoothness, and hydration. Plus, they’re not tested on animals!

The Skin Theory: cosmeceutical skincare Collection mimics skin function, providing exactly what your skin needs when it needs it and in the appropriate proportions. Skin treatment fads have come and gone throughout the past three-plus decades, with the introduction and availability of harsh chemicals, alpha, beta and fruit acids, and a host of other ingredients, many synthetic, whose long-term effects have not yet been determined. However, in all these years, the Therapie Clinic Skin Treatment program has never changed because when skin care is based on Skin Theory – the natural functioning of your skin – there is absolutely no advantage of utilizing ingredients which, at the very least can not even improve the condition of the skin, and could potentially cause harm and worsen an already existing problem.



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