Thinking About Laser Hair Removal? Here are the top 10 factors you need to consider…

Dreaming of silky smooth legs for the summer? Well we have all the answers right here for you to make that important decision about Laser Hair Removal…

1. When you should start treatment
This all depends on you! On average, a course of 6 sessions will take about one year to complete so the right time to begin is NOW! Discuss your concerns with the laser therapist and she will be able to determine the best course of action for you, including when to book your first session. What are you waiting for?

2. Number of treatments required
Here at Therapie we recommend a course of 6 treatments, but you should notice a difference after just 1-2 sessions! The laser targets hair in its growth phase which is why it takes a couple of treatments for the laser to target all the hair on the body part as not all the hair is in the same phase at the same time. The area of treatment, your hair growth and skin type will be considered to decide how often you have to have treatment done.

3. Is laser hair removal suitable for you?
Our medical grade laser, Soprano Ice Platinum, works best on any skin type with dark, thick hair. Those with white, blonde or light-coloured hair unfortunately may find that the treatment will not work for them. In the consultation, your therapist, who is highly trained in laser hair removal will be able to assess whether or not you are suitable to get started on your way to being hair free!

4. What are the side effects of laser hair removal?
There can be side effects just as in any other procedure – including irritation, itching, swelling, redness and discolouration. However, laser is a relatively low risk procedure and your therapist will inform you of all the necessary precautions to take and guidelines for your aftercare. Your therapist will do a small patch test to make sure your skin doesn’t have any adverse reaction prior to doing laser on an entire area. Some itching and redness in the 48 hours post-treatment can be expected, but your therapist will guide you on how to minimize any side effects.

5. Technology used for Laser hair removal
You should do some research into where you want to have your laser hair removal treatment. At Thérapie Clinic we use the most advanced technology and offer the new, limited edition Soprano Ice Platinum to give you the best results, less pain, faster treatment times using absolutely safe procedures.

6. Staff training
Just as vital as finding the best equipment with the latest technology it is equally important to have staff that is well trained to perform your laser treatment. Having highly trained professional do your treatment will reduce the possibility of any side effects and will make you more at ease during your treatment. The Therapie team is highly experienced and here to make your experience with us enjoyable, rather than scary!

7. Precautions to be taken after treatment
Your laser therapist will remind you after each session on the do’s and don’ts so that you are fully aware of how to look after the area treated in the 48hours following your treatment. A few things to stay away from immediately after treatment are direct sunlight, perfumed products, heat, chlorine and tight clothing and we offer a range of recommended products to apply to soothe and calm the skin.

8. Medication
It is best to inform us during your consultation if you are on any regular medication. You should also share any previous skin reactions you might have had from using products/beauty treatments. In addition to the patch test, your therapist will ask you a few questions regarding your medical history to identify any possible risks.

9. Cost of Laser hair removal
Laser hair removal might seem like a big expense up front, but when you think of the money you’ll save on the alternatives, it’s actually a lot more affordable than you would think! In addition, you will save time and get longer-lasting results, so you will be in a position to say goodbye to shaving and forget about the pain from waxing. Therapie will work with you and come up with a payment plan that suits you best. Therapie even offers affordable pay-per-session options!

10. Prepare yourself for Laser hair removal
Just like any other treatment, we have to prep our skin for laser with a few simple steps. You would have to shave the area the day before treatment (so your skin is less sensitive), wear loose clothing (to allow the skin to breathe) and not wax for 2-3 weeks prior to your first treatment as it pretty much makes your laser treatment useless. However, there’s nothing too demanding and this will all be explained to you in your consultation!

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