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Top Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal is the Best Method?

Dealing with unwanted hair on all parts of the body is a tedious daily chore for most. Traditional methods of hair removal are often tedious, painful, and can be expensive over time.  No matter how often you tweeze, shave or wax, the problem comes back after a few hours or days. Fortunately, there is a safe, effective, affordable and, best of all, long-lasting solution to hair removal!

Technology offers an alternative, though, with quite a few benefits. For those needing a little more convincing to commit to laser hair removal treatments, consider the following benefits.

Reasons to Choose Laser Hair Removal Method:

It Saves Time

Consider all the time it takes to shave each week or the hours spent traveling to and from waxing appointments. When added up over a lifetime, it’s shocking to think of how much time hair removal takes! Regain this lost time with laser hair removal, which can permanently reduce hair growth.

Each laser hair removal session is quick, lasting no longer than a standard waxing appointment. Treatment times and the number of sessions required will vary by treatment area, but laser hair removal applicators are able to target multiple hair follicles at once, making each session quicker than electrolysis, which targets individual follicles.

It’s Cost-Effective

Consider, for example, the cost per shave of razor blades, shaving cream, and soothing after-shave lotion—for life. Shaving won’t diminish hair growth, so it’s a bill that will add up indefinitely. And while waxing may make hair appear less coarse, it doesn’t minimize hair growth overall and is also an ongoing budget commitment. Laser hair removal treatments may appear to cost a lot up front, but it’s a small price when compared to the ongoing costs of traditional hair removal methods.

It’s Comfortable

Laser hair removal is comfortable for most. Some devices offer an advanced cooling system that works on contact to protect skin and ensure a more comfortable treatment. If the patient has sensitive skin, the treatment provider may alter settings for improved comfort.

It’s Safe for All Skin Tones

Early laser hair removal machines were feared by people with darker skin tones, because of their inability to detect the difference between dark skin and dark hair, resulting in skin discoloration. However, technology has come a long way, and many advanced laser hair removal systems are now safe and effective for all skin tones.

It Cuts Out Regrowth

No more regrowth! When waxing, regrowth is necessary to allow for enough hair for the wax to stick to. This makes for an awkward time in between appointments and can cause itchiness and discomfort. Because laser hair removal targets the hair follicle, shaving is encouraged prior to and in-between appointments.

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